About the Purchase Method

We want to facilitate any person to begin to use faircoin,  doing a local purchase in places from http://use.fair-coin.org , an online purchase  in the http://market.fair.coop site.  or joining Freedomcoop.eu between other options; or just saving  faircoins at long term.

Due the sudden growth of faircoin value in private markets, Faircoop wants to avoid to serve the users that just want to avoid faircoin for selling them again more expensive few minutes later of receiving the coins.

ATTENTION By this payment method, you can buy a maximum of 100 euros of faircoin every month if you provide your own faircoin address or  200  euros if you choose the fairsaving option.  https://www.fair.coop/fairsaving , which is linked to a duty of saving the faircoins for at least 6 months.

To read carefully:

  •  The option in your addres and the option in fairsaving, are not accumulable.
  • The way how is determined a month are: From the last faircoop assembly about the price, until the next one. Last one was in 13 july and next one will be in 10 of august. The limits affects currently this period


As a way of payment you can use, bank transfer, bitcoin or card. More info in the next page!


this payment option is not active currently