About the Purchase Method

Here you can buy Faircoin with cash fiat currency, through a physical LocalNode in your area.

First, here above, you must to choose the amount to pay. At the moment this amount its named in Euros, but you can see a reference in other fiat currencies, choosing yours in the home page.

Before go to the checkout you need to decide where you want to receive your Faircoin. You have three options:

  • Download a Faircoin wallet, and copy the address that the wallet gives you.See the different wallets provided for faircoin here: https//download.faircoin.world
  • Choose to store your Faircoin in the Fairsaving service from FairCoop, See info about Fairsaving here: → https://fair.coop/fairsaving-2/
  • Open an account in an exchange (like coinexchange.io ) and give us the Faircoin address that the exchange created for you (actually we don’t recommend storing Faircoin in an exchange but you can do it if you want to).

When you have your option prepared you can fill the form.

After you have completed the form, you will receive an email with the details in order to arrange a meeting with your choosed LocalNode.

Once the meeting is done, the fiat-currency amount will be directed to the GetFaircoin accounting and the exchanged amount of Faircoin will be sended to your Faircoin address. Also we will send you a message to notify you about the transaction.

Because this is a manual process, there could be a delay of 24 or 48 hours between receive the payment and sending your faircoins.

Finally we suggest to take in consideration that we will account the day of receive the payment to calculate the faircoin that you are going to receive. Therefore, the amount that you could anticipate today could change a bit related the amount sent.

EUR (min 5.00 EUR)